Supply and feed line hose
12184 PSI / 1/8" x 5/16"

Supply and feed line hose
Supply and feed line hose
Item No. D D1 feet / coil filled / unfilled
4010-100 5/16" 1/8" 164 empty
100-002 8,6 mm 4,0 mm 164 empty

Technical Information

Fritsche 600-840 bar high-pressure hoses are suitable for grease and central lubrication systems of all conventional lubrication system manufacturers.


A special feature in advance:

The structure of this type of high-pressure hose (600-840 bar) is such that an inner polyamide 6 (PA6) tube is encased and embedded in polyester mesh. The outer polyurethane coat is adhered onto the polyester mesh and the inner tube. Only this structure provides the required high compressive strength to our hose and ensures indispensable safety for assembly.

Of course, the hose is also guaranteed to provide high flexibility.

Standard Inner Tube Casing
Termopl. Polyamid 6 Termopl. Polyurethan
Tear strength DIN EN ISO 527 > 30N/mm2 > 18N/mm2
Elongation at break DIN EN ISO 527 > 50% > 380%
Hardness shore DIN EN ISO 868 > D 60 +/- 3 > A 88 +/- 3
Permissable bending radius
20°C >20 mm 20°C > 45 mm
 Operating temperatur-40°C bis 80°C
for mediums to be pumped with "grease with corrosion protection additives": max. 70°C
 Cracking pressureDIN EN ISO 1402 Druckaufbau: 60s
20°C >840bar (84 MPa, 12184 psi), 60°C >460 bar,

Sizes and Tolerances

Item N° Nominal size, internal & external Inner diameter External diameterl
4010-100 1/8" x 5/16" 1/8" 5/16"
100-002 4,0 x 8,6 mm 4,0 mm 8,6 mm


Inner tube natural
Casing black
Cable armour white
Glue green-transparent
Print white

Supply and feed line hoses for centralized lubracation systems are highly flexibel hoses connecting with connection fittings like threared ferrule and stand pipes insert (hose ends).The maximum operational pressure in the centralized lubrication system identifies the hose type. Please take in consideration that some systems can reach maximum pressure ratings during the different schiftings. Our supply and feed line hoses for centralized lubrication systems are regulary checked to make sure that there won't be any lacks of quality.


Please note!


We, as manufacturer of fittings for centralized lubrication systems, recommend for safety reasons that all fitting assembly should only be done by trained professionals.



(These products are not for final customers.)