Feed line nylon tubing
semi-rigid PA 12 HL DIN 73378

Nylon tubes flexible Plastic tubes semi-rigid
Nylon tubes flexible Plastic tubes semi-rigid

Plastic tubes / nylon tubings PA 12 HL

Standard: DIN 73378

Mounting advise:

Please do always use reinforcing sockets for nylon tubes.

The part numbers are: 100-010 and 106-203 for item N° 4510-001

Operative pressure for Ø 1/4" and 23°C: approx. 1015 PSI / 7 MPA / 70 bar  

Item No. Color Specification D D1 S feed / coil
4510-001 transparent 6 x 1,25 empty 6 3,5 1,25 328

Our plastic tubes / tube lines are used in lubrication systems to connect the progressive distribution unit with the lubrication point or the relubrication distributor (or piston distributor) to the lubrication point.

Operating pressure: ca. 625 psi

Burst pressure: ca. 2500 psi

Our feed line nylon tubing is used with centralized lubrication systems from the progrssive distributor to the lubrication point or from the re-lubrication distributor or piston distributor to the lubrication point. Please be aware that the application area decides which tubing you should use in your centralized lubrication system. Basically, our feed line nylon tubing can be used in utilizations like static (fixed) industrial facilities or in trucks with low operating pressure. In order to cover a potential risk. Please make sure that there won't be any extreme mechanical or physical impact. Feel free to contact one of our engineers for any question in this concern or have a look at our high pressure supply and feed line hose.



Please note!


We, as manufacturer of fittings for centralized lubrication systems, recommend for safety reasons that all fitting assembly should only be done by trained professionals.



(These products are for final customers only.)

In our capacity as manufacturer, we would like to make our customers aware that assembly of our components for central lubrication (tubes, hoses, screw fittings, ...) must only be performed by appropriately trained and qualified personnel. 

In borderline cases, it is advisable to consult us beforehand. Have the tubes mounted only by qualified and/or accordingly trained personnel.